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Reasons to Choose Us

Four Critical Factors You Should Know Before Choosing Your Next Dental Office

When looking for a dental office, there are at least four critical factors you should consider before committing to care:

  1. The most important factor is a complete dental exam. The exam should entail the following: review of medical and dental history, oral cancer screening, occlusion (bite) exam, TMJ exam, Periodontal (gum) evaluation, teeth evaluated for cavities, fractures, wear patterns, and worn or old dentistry, photos of existing conditions, appropriate x-rays of all teeth and related structures, and a review of findings and recommendations to establish excellent oral health.

  2. Digital x-rays should be utilized. The radiation dose is decreased by 80-90 % compared to conventional film x-rays. Also, digital x-rays can be magnified for better clarity and diagnosis.

  3. The office should have a Diagnodent, which is a laser cavity detector approved by the FDA and extremely accurate at locating cavities in teeth. The procedure is painless and allows cavities to be detected early in their development. Treatment is therefore quicker, painless, and less expensive.

  4. Air Abrasion is a device similar to a micro sand blaster that is used to treat cavities in their early to mid development. If detected early by the Diagnodent, the teeth can be treated with air abrasion in a painless fashion. Over 90% of the time, injections (shots) are not required and the preps are small enough not to injure the remaining tooth enamel.

We have all the above technologies and more to help you achieve the smile and excellent oral health you deserve. Give us a call soon. We look forward to meeting you.